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We love the kitchen walls. Perfect.

Max & Janet Kirchoff
Fond du Lac, WI

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Using only the finest quality paints with hundreds of colors to choose from.

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Come inside and see what we can do for you! Maybe it’s time to get rid of those unsightly cracks, nail pops, and deteriorated, old colors that are ravishing your walls and ceilings. Perhaps your drywall has met its match through the years and is begging for some TLC. New tape, mud, texturing, and a fresh coat of paint will surely cure that ailment. Getting rid of nail, screw, pin, or anchor holes is a service that can just be expected with every job. Let us take care of those repulsive stains on your walls and ceilings, so you can look upon them with pride. We will schedule your job at your convenience. We recommend high quality paints from Sherwin Williams or ICI; however, we will use your preferred paint, when requested. When you decide that it is time for that outdated, hideous, peeling wallpaper to finally disappear, we are your company to call. We realize the importance of aesthetics inside people’s homes and that quality of life can increase with a brushstroke.


Your home is your biggest investment and the exterior is the most visible and vulnerable part of it. Let us scale your house to the highest peaks while you stay safely on solid ground. Let us remedy the notorious effects of Mother Nature such as rotten or decaying wood, damage left by wildlife, mold and mildew growth, and removal of previous coating that is failing. Even though the big bad wolf can’t blow your brick house down, the atmosphere will prove to be just as destructive. Without the proper sealants your brick will deteriorate and disintegrate at a far greater rate than with the proper sealants. Got rust? No problem, we can keep it from spreading, seal it and coat it to the color of your choice. We are fully capable and experienced in all residential substrates for example, staining cedar siding, painting aluminum siding, stucco, wood siding, and slate. Not only will a couple of coats of fresh paint bring back the splendor of your architecture but it will also bring back the coat of “armor” that your house was intended to have.


Your deck is important. Perhaps it has been neglected for too long or it needs its regularly timed maintenance coating to keep it in its ship shape condition. It is recommended that every two to three years your wooden deck is revitalized and protected with a fresh coating. Your choice of any number of stains is available for us to apply, from clear, to semi-transparent, to solid. If your deck is plagued with rotten wood we can help! Short of building a new deck, we will replace that rotten wood so as to keep the rot from spreading and leave your deck looking its finest. Have a deck built with composite materials and you would like it freshened up with a new color? Yes, we can also stain your composite deck.

Pressure Washing

Though your house will be pressure washed before the painting process can begin and your deck will be pressure washed before it is stained, pressure washing is useful in many other aspects. Maybe you are sick of pulling handfuls of earth-toned goop from your gutters every spring, or those nasty mud stains on your driveway just can’t be hosed away, we provide the service that will fix those problems. Perhaps that mold and mildew growth is making your concrete statues look a little too green, we can freshen them up. Your house or garage may only need a good cleaning to bring back their original vivid colors.

Wood Finishing & Trim Packages

You have beautiful, majestic woodwork and we want it to stay that way. Wood on windows takes a lot of abuse from the sunlight, temperature changes, and the condensation that can attack the surface. We have the expertise and knowledge to get that wood back to its glorious self.

Yes, we can finish the new wood for your house. The work can be completed on-site or in our shop! Be it staining and varnishing, or priming and painting, we can take care of your trim package. We inspect all materials that come from the factory and notify you of items that look questionable. Nothing leaves our shop if it does not meet our high quality expectations.

Special Offers

Free Paint! How does that sound? Well, here is how it works...
Free paint is offered with interior jobs with an estimate total over $500.00, and the job must be scheduled to be started and completed between Thanksgiving and April 15th. It’s that easy!

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in any denomination.
Please call (920) 921-7575.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide the paint for my project? What products do you recommend?

No, the cost for the paint is included in your estimate. We will recommend the correct product for your project. We only recommend the best products on the market, which include high quality paints from Sherwin Williams and ICI.

How often should I expect to repaint?

Generally, you will probably want to repaint due to fading, trends or just for a color change rather than paint failure. The life of the paint significantly depends on the quality of the product you use and the abuse the surface is affected with (i.e. rain, wind, sun, etc.).

What is your safety record?

We have never had an OSHA finable safety violation. We have worked over 75,000 hours without any lost time due to an injury. Our safety homepage has additional information about our safety programs and record.

Do I have to pay for an estimate? How do I request an estimate?

No, all estimates are free. Please call our office at (920) 921-7575.

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