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Safety Record & Policy

Mixing Safety and Accountability for Quality Service!

Whether you are a homeowner having the exterior of your garage painted or an industrial facilities manager looking to have an entire complex painted, the last thing you need to worry about is unsafe contractors on your property.

At Schneider & Schneider, Inc., we make safety awareness our top priority. We have implemented safety policies and programs to encourage our employees to complete all work as safely as possible. We provide weekly safety training to all of our employees to minimize the possibility of any accidents or injuries. We provide our employees with the necessary personal protective equipment to maintain an injury-free environment. We constantly inspect our safety equipment and supplies and update the equipment as necessary. We also have a rewards program in place to encourage our employees to work safely and follow our safety policies. We complete regular job site safety inspections to ensure our employees follow our safety program and maintain a clean and safe work site.

Our safety education program, rewards program, and on-site inspections have resulted in a safety record of over 80,000 continuous hours worked without any lost time due to injuries.